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Our team at Yoshino-Shaw & Associates is one of the most trusted and respected architectural firm However, our services go well beyond just designing homes and can include a myriad of other unique options. If you’re curious about working with us and what is the best experience possible, it is important to know what we can do for you and your home or business.

Building Permit Help

Are you at the early stages of your building process and need help with your permits? We can help! Our team understands California building law and will do what it takes to ensure that you do, too. We feel comfortable helping you get building permits and will make sure that your project is fully legal and safe, minimizing your risk of complications and ensuring building quality. This helps give you the best home or commercial building possible for your needs.

Cost Estimates

Cost estimating is a critical part of the building process because you deserve to know what to expect. Our team will take the time to create a transparent and simple cost estimate, one that takes into account every step of the building process. With our help, you can budget your next big building project without experiencing any financial difficulties. In this way, you can thrive and save good money, which can be a critical step for businesses trying to thrive in a tough and competitive environment.


When your building needs to be crafted to specific specifications, we’re here to help you meet them! Our team understands the complex building demands, and will give you the best chance to meet specifications, including limitations in height and width. We’ll also work hard to give your facility the secure and safe overall design that it needs to work well for you. In this way, your family or customers can be safe from any minor problems that may otherwise affect your building.

Take Care of Your Home or Business Facility

At Yoshino-Shaw & Associates, we can provide you with the total services that you need for your building design. We’re not just a great architectural firm but can help with things like cost estimating, building code analysis, building permit applications, and other specifications. When you call us at (209) 667-2603, you get the help necessary to manage this process smoothly and efficiently.

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