Construction Drawings

The best architectural firms will take the time to create working drawings and as-built drawings that explain your project in depth. At Yoshino-Shaw & Associates, we feel comfortable providing you with these types of drawings and designs and will give you the help you need to finish your home or business quickly and efficiently. It’s one of our key services as a business and one that we’re the proudest of providing for residents like you.

How Construction Drawings Help You

Our team at Yoshino-Shaw & Associates can provide high-quality working drawings that help you understand the building process. They highlight each step that we plan on taking, including your building’s overall design, the unique steps required for this project, and much more. Drawings include things like wiring layouts, plumbing designs, and everything else a home needs to be strong and safe for your family’s needs.

These as-built drawings will give you the inside understanding necessary for your home. After drawing them for you, we’ll discuss what each drawing means to help you better understand your project. This step includes highlighting challenging technical terms that you may not easily grasp and providing the inside information necessary for planning your project successfully.

Our Drawing Process

We start creating your working drawings by sitting down with you and discussing the scope of your project. Once we understand what you need for your project, we’ll start our as-built drawings. As we work, we’ll discuss each design step, including getting your approval on things like room layout and size, as well as the materials used in your building project.

When we’re finished, we’ll discuss what each drawing means, highlight their unique importance, discuss how they affect your home’s overall design, and analyze your home’s cost. It is our goal to provide the comprehensive help that your home needs, including specialized architectural help that ensures your house or business is built to the standards required for building codes.

Take Good Care of Your Home

By working with Yoshino-Shaw & Associates, you get the best possible experience at a price that you can afford. Our team not only understands working drawings and as-built drawings but feels comfortable with any building codes required for building projects. Call us at (209) 667-2603 to learn more about the many ways that we can help you with your needs.

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Construction Drawings in Turlock, CA